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TSU and CIU Master Students Training at State Laboratory of Agriculture

November 22-26, 2021
Tbilisi, Georgia

On November 22- 26, the laboratory practice trainings for Master Program Students of Tbilisi State University (TSU) and Caucasus International University (CIU) took place. The trainings were conducted within the framework of Erasmus Plus program supported project Improving skills in laboratory practice for agrо-food specialists in eastern Europe (Ag-Lab). In total 25 students of Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology master program (TSU) and Georgian Viticulture and Enology master program participated in this 4 days training.

The purpose of this training was to introduce among students’ various laboratory methodology, and inform them about the current activities and procedures which take place at State Laboratory of Agriculture. During the trainings students had the opportunity to learn about the existing practices, get acquainted with high tech laboratory equipment and participate in Questions Answers sessions led by high qualified staff of SLA.

During the event the biosafety trainings composed of theoretical and practical classes including the master class on laboratory health and safety took place, Students had the meeting with head of Department of Laboratory Sampling, Registration and Statistical Data Analysis, Participants visited different laboratories of all three departments of SLA: Plant Protection Department: laboratory of phytopathology and laboratory of entomology; Department of Diagnostic of Animal Diseases; laboratory of diagnostic of rabies; Food Research Department: laboratory of general chemistry, laboratory of instrumental studies and laboratory of microbiology studies.

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